Walking Faster Than An Aeroplane

If you want to get somewhere there are many options open to you.

You could…

Fly in an plane,

Catch a train,

Take a boat,

Ride a bike,

Drive a car,


The first thing to consider is where are you right now, and where are you trying to get to? Are you just popping somewhere local, or travelling halfway around the world? A plane is faster than a car, but if you haven’t got far to go, or you don’t live anywhere near the airport then that extra speed is meaningless.

Then you have to consider the price vs convenience. Do you have the time to spare to take the slower but cheaper route, or are you in a hurry, so speed is the most important factor?

A family road trip across America would be an amazing experience – almost certainly better to do it in a camper van or RV, than in a much faster, more expensive Ferrari.

A hot air balloon is a very inefficient way to get from A-B, but if you want beautiful views on a nice clear day there aren’t many better options.

The final decision will come down to a variety of choices. You run into trouble when you consider only a single factor, like price or speed – because that could well lead you to make the wrong decision. If you’re running late for a job interview then I wouldn’t advise taking the cheapest option and being late. It will likely cost you more in the long run.

Point is, the best option on the surface isn’t always the best option once you consider all your requirements – and the right choice won’t be the same one every time. You could well be paying extra for things that just don’t benefit you in that scenario.

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