It’s The Little Things.

We get caught up with trying to add value to other people’s lives. It’s a great ambition to have, but sometimes trying to focus on the big changes, means that we end up not doing much of anything.

A little gesture can go a very long way- a sincere thank you when someone does something nice, a friendly smile or a word of encouragement at the right moment- these little things add up to make a huge impact.

Bringing positivity into the world, one small step at a time, will make the biggest difference.

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a streamlined mind is my goal, this is my journey.

5 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things.”

  1. Well said, James. ‘The little things’ has kind of become my mantra lately. What did happen to them? I agree that we get caught up in the bigger picture to the degree that all those little moments of happiness and positivity are sidelined, and in the end we can’t make space in our heads and hearts for them because we’re just too tired and busy to care anymore.

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